Skid Steer Rentals Lethbridge

Skid Steer Rentals Lethbridge

Skid steer rentals in Lethbridge are a tried and true way to save money, time, and effort on vital farming equipment. Avoid traveling for hours to Calgary with Lethbridge Rental Equipment in your hometown.

How much does a skid steer cost?

Skid steers are important pieces of equipment. These tractors have tight turning radii and the ability to lift hundreds of pounds to tons of raw materials, hay, and even the occasional cow.

Companies such as Bobcat charge  $30,000 to $70,000 for a skid steer. Costs for more powerful and capable machines are even higher. This is before accounting for maintenance and fuel costs.

How long does a skid steer last?

No machine lasts forever. With many steers in operation for a full workday and a 5,000 hour average lifespan, the typical machine lasts between one and two decades. Heavily used equipment may see as little as 1,000 hours before being rebuilt piece-by-piece.

Fam work is hard work for both humans and their machines. While the rewards are worth the effort, hidden costs mount over time.

What does a skid steer do?

Skid steers have the lifespans they do because they are the lifeblood of much farmwork. Handling feed, moving animals and crates, and even helping to build barns are all within the resume of these tractors.

Expect to heavily use your steer. Of all equipment, this hardware must be your most capable.

Alternative to Buying a Skid Steer

Rising costs should not mean that you forgo such important hardware. A farm is as much a business as it is a life.

Renting skid steers is an efficient, low-cost alternative to purchasing your own for short periods of high activity. Supplement your fleet without creating storage and maintenance costs.

Our equipment is well-maintained and ready for use.Simply return your equipment when ready.

Help Returning Rental Equipment

In many rental arrangements, you are left with the need to find a way to return hardware. This means having the trailers and manpower available to load and transport skid steers to town.

Lethbridge Rental Equipment offers a simple four-step process from contact to return. We are available to deliver and pick up skid steers so that you can continue to perform vital work. There is no need to sacrifice time and effort for small non-productive tasks.

Booking Skid Steers Online

Lethbridge Rental Equipment also offers an intuitive online rental system. There is no need to leave your property even if you do not know what you need.

Our farm equipment rentals team serves every potential customer. Contact us and book your equipment from your own computer.

Skid Steer Rentals in Lethbridge

Skid steer rentals in Lethbridge give you the power to complete projects efficiently and at lower cost without traveling to Calgary. Lethbridge Equipment Rentals offers a fully capable of team and an easy four-step process that has you covered from first contact to return.

Visit us online and book your equipment today. If you still have questions, get in touch or visit our location today!a

Skid Steer Rentals Lethbridge
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Skid Steer Rentals Lethbridge
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